A “Virtual Choir” to Connect People

In this video clip of TED Talks, Eric Whitacre talked about his early years in chorale singing and how he was transformed by singing Mozart Requiem and how he became a composer. He talked about how he got this idea of creating a “virtual choir” and organized the singers from around the world to sing “Lux Aurumque “– it means “Light and Gold”. He talked about the challenges of making music powered by YouTube and unveiled the beginning 3 minutes of his new work “Sleep” with a virtual choir of 2,052.

Eric shared the experience and comments from the virtual choir members with the audience, some had moved him deeply. He concluded that (1) Human beings will go to any links necessary to find and connect with each other, and (2) People seem to be experiencing an actual connection, it was not a “virtual choir” any more.

Below is the video clip. Please click on the “arrow” at the bottom left and be patient, it may take a few moments to download. If the center wheel keeps spinning, click the same button again to make it disappear.

Here are some comments on this video from TED Talks:

“For anyone who wants to believe in the humanizing possibilities of a connected world, here is your anthem.”

“This is what struck me so during the first session this year — how we as humans interact with the world around us.”

“This is performance art in the most collaborative and communal way. Little did you know when that moment of inspiration occurred, not only would you create something this beautiful and massive, but you also created a community … itself.”

“… Across the globe we all connect, for a single purpose, to show the universe our beauty, and this was an unparalleled success. Congratulations Eric Whitacre and the 2052 voices, for having recreated beauty, in a world that flounders to find it.”

“I am so happy to live in this time. To see the world be connected on this level is beautiful. Behind the backs of the media fear mongers, the conspiring politicians, the polluting corporations, and the rhetoric spouting pundits (pardon my own rhetoric), a web if forming. A fragile web made between those that have been made to think that the world is so divided. Beneath the walls we make around our hearts the roots of our soul explore for commonality. My hope is that when the web is strong enough it will hold fast against the falling bricks of the toppled walls, and be the network that the forest of humanity can rely on in the coming times.”


Recently, we started to organize the Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale. One of the purposes of our chorale is to connect the music lovers from all over the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Furthermore, the conductor, Ms. Shang becomes our link to Tainan YMCA chorale and Chiayi Culture chorale and some other chorales in Taiwan.  Though we are not connected as extensively as the “Virtual Choir”, our spirits are the same — the passion for the music and the love of humanity.

Below is the YouTube video clip of “Lux Aurumque”.