A “Virtual Choir” to Connect People

In this video clip of TED Talks, Eric Whitacre talked about his early years in chorale singing and how he was transformed by singing Mozart Requiem and how he became a composer. He talked about how he got this idea of creating a “virtual choir” and organized the singers from around the world to sing “Lux Aurumque “– it means “Light and Gold”. He talked about the challenges of making music powered by YouTube and unveiled the beginning 3 minutes of his new work “Sleep” with a virtual choir of 2,052.

Eric shared the experience and comments from the virtual choir members with the audience, some had moved him deeply. He concluded that (1) Human beings will go to any links necessary to find and connect with each other, and (2) People seem to be experiencing an actual connection, it was not a “virtual choir” any more.

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Spiritual Battle — “Elijah” Oratorio

Tainan YMCA chorale, Chiayi Culture Chorale and Cheng-Kung University Medical Chorale jointly performed Mendelssohn’s oratorio “Elijah” at Tainan Culture Center in 2006, conducted by Ms. Li-Ying Shang. We have uploaded the recorded videos to our chorale’s YouTube site for public viewing and listening.

An oratorio is an opera without theater and it is comprised of orchestra, chorus and soloists. Because an oratorio has no sets, no costumes and no stage business, it demands on the imagination of the audience to recreate the scenes of the story. Elijah’s story is based on the Old Testament of the prophet’s faith, fearlessness, fight and flight which most Christians are familiar with — The prophet Elijah summoned the people to righteousness, performed miracles, and struggled against idol-worshipping. He confronted the wicked queen Jezebel. At the ends, Elijah rose to heaven in a fiery chariot.

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Haydn’s “The Creation”–Live Video Webcast

On Friday, June 25, 2010, John Nelson conducted the Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic and the Netherlands Radio Choir to perform Joseph Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation” from Grote Kerk, a medieval church built between 1340 -1440 and survived many wars.

Grote Kerk, one of the oldest and famous churches in the Netherlands.  The oak-barrel vault ceiling was painted with scenes from the Bible, a masterpiece that make the church famous.

The church is located in the center of Naarden, the ancient capital of Holland and one of the remaining fortress towns in the Netherlands. The town is surrounded with moats in five-star shape that is easily seen from the air.  Naarden is about thirty minutes from Amsterdam.

The church’s acoustics structure produces clear and beautiful sounds.

This performance is available on DVD from Soli Deo Gloria,

Here is a YouTube video clip of the DVD trailer