Creation — Faith and Science


This post represents the author’s personal view and should not be read as the view points or official position of Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale.


An ambitious project of our Chorale (LA Formosan Master Chorale) is to perform Joseph Haydn’s “The Creation” next Spring. We have recruited the singers, located the place for rehearsal and distributed the music notes. Chorale members are listening to CD and watching video clips. I studied “Haydn: The Creation” by Nicholas Temperley and other literature. I am overpowered by the beauty of the music and inspired by the libretto  — God is the creator and His creation is good.

Trained as a scientist, I am constantly struggling to understand the creation story in the Genesis. The cultural war within America in the past decades on “Evolution” and “Creation” puzzled me even further. Are science and faith in conflict?   Continue reading “Creation — Faith and Science”